Sydnor Thompson, 90, kisses his wife, Harriette Thompson, 91, while reenacting the Times Square Kiss photo, taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt, to mark the 69-Anniversary of the end of World War Two and victory over Japan in Times Square in New York City. (ANDREW BURTON / GETTY IMAGES)

International POW: 12 – 18 August

Wِhen you take a wide look into the world, you will probably witness that we are more than countries, we are merely like flames, when one goes off, the second ignites.

In this week’s POW, Fergusonm has been a center of attention for almost a full week, with ethnic protests, while Gaza has been now recovering  from the Israeli aggression.

And from the good side, there are some few photos that might make you go like: Awww.

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International POW 22-28 April

A lot has been happening this week around the world, as the search for the missing Malaysian airplane still continues, another disaster has also struck the pacific, searchers and divers are now also looking for bodies believed to be trapped in the sunken Sewol ferry.

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I stayed out til 6 am this morning photographing the different phases of the eclipse over this field on Mach Road, and composted them to create this image. (Mike Mezeul II/Facebook)

International POW 15-21 April

Few days ago it was Easter, and many of you probably spent the day searching for eggs, playing with eggs and coloring them, and maybe also devouring bunny-chocolates.

Beside Easter and the photos of the Easter bunny, there was also an amazing phenomenon called the bloody moon, which I chose one photo taken from a facebook page that show the true beauty of the view.

Other than that, POW hopes you will enjoy scrolling down to see this week’s post.

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