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Lebanon POW 3 – 9 April

It’s always amazing to see people actually standing up to claim their basic rights in life, to demand a decent life they are missing. The

Lebanon POW

Lebanon POW 27Feb-5March

In this Lebanese post of POW, a variety of topics are included, from Michel Sleiman visit to france, to the protest in Downtown Beirut and

Flames rise from burning cars at the site of a car bomb that targeted Beirut’s southern suburb of Haret Hreik. A large car bomb killed five people and wounded at least 20 in south Beirut. (Stringer/AFP)
Lebanon POW

Lebanon POW 2 -8 Jan 2014

There is few moments that passes in life where we just feel that we need to shed some tears, to relax, to let it all

A Syrian child stands in the snow in a refugee camp in the town of Arsal in the Lebanese Bekaa valley. Thousands of Syrian refugees living in makeshift camps in Lebanon were weathered a winter storm that brought snow, rain and freezing temperatures to the country. (AFP)
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Lebanon POW 12-18 Dec

Is there really something called Christmas spirit, or is it just our love for life that drive our daily lives? In this week’s POW, the

Lebanon took part in the world wide event entitled "Million Mask March", where a group wearing the famous anonymous mask gathered in downtown Beirut, in-front of the governmental building. (Bilal Jawich/Anadolu Ajansy)
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Lebanon POW 31Oct – 6Nov

“Remember Remember .. the fifth of November” as naive as it might sounds, but the whole concept of the idea, once being understood, is really

security taken photos of Haifa on duty. (watch the full video/Aljadeed)
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Leb POW 29Aug – 4Sept 2013

I don’t know if i’m the only one in Lebanon who feels that there is several Lebanon in one Lebanon. Yes different countries, cultures, situations,

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Int. POW 20 – 26 August 2013

I think this week can be also one of the most dramatic weeks during the past year, with fire blazing inside the forest, explosions in

That ain't right

That ain’t right: burned bodies in Tripoli

Marcel Ghanem, a lebanese TV presenter in Kalam Ennass, has shown tonight a photo of burned bodies from Cairo, claiming that it was taken in Tripoli,

While people were having iftar at the mass event, The city (Tripoli, Lebanon) was getting illuminated like never before. 15 stories high, there was nothing but peace, heavenly peace. I only wish this could go for as long as eternity! (Nath Halawani)
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Lebanese POW 1 -7 August 2013

Here we are today at the final day of Ramadan, happy eid fotor to everyone and especially Muslims around the world. this week we will

"No rule without popular legitimacy" a giant banner raised in Beirut to mark the continuity of the "NO to the extension" of the current parliament done by the "for the Republic" group. (Facebook)
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Lebanese POW 11 – 17 july 2013

This week, POW will take you to a tour from Beirut, to Sarafand (south) than all the way to Bekaa, without forgetting the giant fishes