Lebanon took part in the world wide event entitled "Million Mask March", where a group wearing the famous anonymous mask gathered in downtown Beirut, in-front of the governmental building. (Bilal Jawich/Anadolu Ajansy)

Lebanon POW 31Oct – 6Nov

“Remember Remember .. the fifth of November” as naive as it might sounds, but the whole concept of the idea, once being understood, is really an amazing thing to think about  and to work to achieve it, maybe without blowing up the parliament building, but at least breaking the authority of one/several political parties dominating on a whole country.

This week Lebanon, and the world remembered Vendetta by wearing the masks, while the country still trying to survive from the agony that politicians and their followers try to pull down day by day.

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Lebanon POW 24 – 30 Oct

In latest numbers coming from Lebanon, there is almost 25.000 registered organisations supposedly working for a better human being and reaching a better way of living.

On the other hand of how, maybe, amazing this figure might look, the never ending scenes coming from different places, Tripoli for example, show us that there is something wrong going on, that the community should pay attention and try to figure out the real reason behind the deteriorate quality of life for all lebanese.

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The youth of tripoli launched hot air ballons in the sky before one day From Adha Eid (Hasan othmani/We Love Tripoli/Facebook)

Lebanon POW 10 – 16 Oct

Perhaps one of most “famous” news that Lebanon has witnessed during this week was the death of the artist Wadih El Safi at the age of 92 years.

In another news, the opening of a one of it’s kind museum in Beirut for minerals is very distinctive, not only in Lebanon but also for the whole world.

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A dozen women and men protested in front of the Higher Shiite Council to demand the revise of its custody laws to be fairer to women wich falls exclusively under the jurisdiction of religious courts. (Khaled Ayyad/ Protecting Lebanese Women PLW)

Lebanon POW 3 – 9 Oct

While thinking of writing these sentences, I noticed that maybe this week has been a “low action” week. no dramatic events or incidents, just good things, especially what is happening to the student bodies in the universities in Lebanon, in addition to the LAU, there is also one in the “Lebanese university”.

And also one of the few good things that we might notice in Lebanon, a Lebanese professor being chosen as the the best among other international ones (details below), and a professor from AUB discovering a new chemical Reaction.

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Leb POW 19-25 Sept 2013

Maybe the first thing we can remember happening in Lebanon is the flooding that is happening in several cities around lebanon, along with was is being described as a first timer for the security forces to enter beirut southern suburbs (Dahiyeh) to stop self security that were held by members of Hezbollah.

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