International POW 11 – 17 June 2013

As time goes by, more and more incidents are happening around the world.

This week we will be hovering over the floods of Europe, to witness an amazing photo taken there, passing along to the Islamic holiday “Esraa wo Meraj”, without forgetting the ongoing protests in Turkey, and finally with the Iranian elections which Hassan Rouhani won the presidency.

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International POW 4 – 10 June 2013

With this new post of POW, I want to thank all of you reader for giving me the courage to continue further forward after only one month of launching POW in it’s International and local lebanese version, along with the new section “That ain’t right“.

Back to “reality”,

This week post, might be somehow similar to the one of last week, especially that there is the syrian issue still ongoing, and the turkish protests.

You will notice that i’m trying hard not to include any harmful images, but also send you reader some good photos.

on the turkish level, yes, there is more than one photo, but I think they are worth being part of POW.

Don’t forget, after taking a look at the images to leave me a comment, or a suggestion maybe on how to improve POW more and more :).


A man standing on the roof of Ataturk Cultural center looks at protesters gathered at Taksim Square in Istanbul (Kostas Tsironis / AP)

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Police chasing a Turkish kid

That ain’t right: Police chasing a Turkish kid

You are probably wondering why this post has been published outside the regular Monday – Wednesday Posts.

Well to be franc, this is a new section, a section that will be kind of Anti-Pow, inside POW itself.

During the image search I do to bring the finest photos of the week, I encounter some very amazing photos, nevertheless most of these images are not true, not real, or maybe not related to the scene itself.

“That Ain’t right” will be a new section not connected to any day of the week, but will definitely won’t be on Monday or Wednesday.

Now, Back to business!!

With Turkey’s protests going on, an image attracted me, and so did many people, some of my friends on Facebook even used it as cover photo, well it is really an amazing photo!

A police man with an armor chasing a little kid holding a small turkish flag … just perfect combination… but wait!

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International POW 28 May – 3 June 2013

Turkey here, Turkey there, it’s Turkish news every where.. heheh remember that old song by MR. president ? the Coco Jambo song?

Well, yes! Indeed the Turkish protests and clashes with the police are sending out a huge number of photos through the web, therefore you will notice in this week’s POW four photos from turkey.

And beside turkey, we have chosen a group of photos from around the world most of them are protests (is it a new virus spreading? why not!), along with the tragic story of the little girl in china, and some funny/weird photos as well.

Yalla have fun watching the photos.

Ayyayaya coco jambo ayyayai heeheh

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