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International POW 11 – 17 June 2013

As time goes by, more and more incidents are happening around the world. This week we will be hovering over the floods of Europe, to

International POW

International POW 4 – 10 June 2013

With this new post of POW, I want to thank all of you reader for giving me the courage to continue further forward after only

Police chasing a Turkish kid
That ain't right

That ain’t right: Police chasing a Turkish kid

You are probably wondering why this post has been published outside the regular Monday – Wednesday Posts. Well to be franc, this is a new

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International POW 28 May – 3 June 2013

Turkey here, Turkey there, it’s Turkish news every where.. heheh remember that old song by MR. president ? the Coco Jambo song? Well, yes! Indeed