A cross on the summit of the Pizalun mountain over the village of Mastrils, Switzerland. (ARNO BALZARINI / EPA)

International POW 26 Nov – 2 Dec

Everytime I take a look at the final draft of International POW before publishing it, the first thing I notice is that people really dosn’t seem to have interest in good things that happens around them, but try to focus more and talk more about the bad things instead.

Paul Walker, one of the main actors in the movie series “Fast and furious” has passed away in a car crash, yet that wasn’t the only thing that happened in the world during the past week.

In other news, TIME magazine has chosen it’s top 10 photos for 2013.

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International POW 22 – 28 Oct

Happy Halloween!

Some people told me that the look of the blog is always in the mood of Halloween, yellow, black, dark colors. but of course we can’t celebrate it without having some related photos to pumpkin. And also beside that, it was fun seeing dancers performing on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” that also fits in the mood.

As for the rest of the amazing photos inside, there is a variety of  topics, which of course can’t talk about them here in these few sentence, that’s why i’ll let each picture impress you in it’s own way.

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