A poster depicting Prime Minister Saad Hariri 'We are all with you' hangs on a street in Beirut, Lebanon. (Wael Hamzeh / EPA)
Lebanon POW

Lebanon POW : 9 – 15 November

If some things don’t make you lose your sense of reason, then you have none to lose.” ― Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

International POW

International POW 25March-1ِApril

I this week’s POW, there is a different taste of images from what was published in previous posts. Maybe you can notice it, but this

International POW

International POW 18-24 Feb

More photos in this week International POW on protest going on world wide. From Brazil, Thailand, Ukraine, and many more, it’s is like the “Arab

International POW

International POW 12 – 18 Nov

That moment when I say to my self my blog post is ready to publish, and at that moment, a friend shares a photo that