I stayed out til 6 am this morning photographing the different phases of the eclipse over this field on Mach Road, and composted them to create this image. (Mike Mezeul II/Facebook)

International POW 15-21 April

Few days ago it was Easter, and many of you probably spent the day searching for eggs, playing with eggs and coloring them, and maybe also devouring bunny-chocolates.

Beside Easter and the photos of the Easter bunny, there was also an amazing phenomenon called the bloody moon, which I chose one photo taken from a facebook page that show the true beauty of the view.

Other than that, POW hopes you will enjoy scrolling down to see this week’s post.

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International POW 25Feb-3March

While protests are still going in many places in the world, from Turkey, Brazil, and other places, Syria is still living under pressure in so many levels, mainly the constant reports being published on starvation of a big number of town, especially Al-Yarmouk camp.

A special photo has been added to this International POW, there is also a photo embed from Twitter, which is now being named as the most retweeted photo ever.

I hope you will like all the photos 🙂

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International POW: 3 – 9 September

Sometimes when looking on my screen monitor, all I see inside International news websites stories coming from Syria, especially in the last two weeks.

Before that, almost all the news were about Egypt and isolated president Mohamed Morsi.

I can’t hide that during these times, searching for a vast variety of images from around the world was a bit difficult while everyone is focusing on one or two parts of the world .

During the preparation of this week’s International POW, I started looking up for new sources for images, and had several of messages back and forth with other websites to bring and share with you some of the best photos from the world, to bring it right in front of you in POW.

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