Lebanon POW: 26 September – 2 October

Sometimes I ask my self, are we meant to stay sad, or are we just living with everything happening around us and not doing anything to change?

From the Lebanese seeking asylum in Australia to the ever lasting clashes from place to place and recently in Baalbeck.

Maybe one of the few good thing that is happening in this country, one of them is discovering a grotto similar “somehow” to the one of Jeita, and letting the electricity reach for the first time a town in Akkar, north of Lebanon.

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That ain’t right: burned bodies in Tripoli

Marcel Ghanem, a lebanese TV presenter¬†in Kalam Ennass, has shown tonight a photo of burned bodies from Cairo, claiming that it was taken in Tripoli, Lebanon after the deadly explosions which hit the city. Ghanem added :”the photo was sent to us by Dr. Ahmad El Ayoubi (our guest) and it shows how the human being can turn into a charred body in Lebanon, these photos are taken from today’s massacre, and this massacre cannot but drive us into feelings of anger, tears, and revolution, people have all the right to be indignant with us and with the politicians; and the media has to question: tomorrow where to?!”.

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