Lebanon POW: 9 – 15 April

And when there is the possibility of peace, a new fight erupts, based on an old complaint, and which some people call justice and others madness. – Nuruddin Farah

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Flames rise from burning cars at the site of a car bomb that targeted Beirut’s southern suburb of Haret Hreik. A large car bomb killed five people and wounded at least 20 in south Beirut. (Stringer/AFP)

Lebanon POW 2 -8 Jan 2014

There is few moments that passes in life where we just feel that we need to shed some tears, to relax, to let it all out. but with no matter how much we want to express our self, there will always something waiting for us right behind the corner, waiting for us to stop us from expressing our self.

So whenever we see someone laughing we laugh, whenever someone is crying we cry. in our own way to blend in, we let those suppressed feelings to show up.

And maybe in Lebanon, this is what we need more often, to relax, to really express what we feel, and not just hide it infront of the others.

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The sister of Ali Khadra (R), a young man that was killed by a car bomb explosion that occurred on Thursday, reacts during his funeral in Beirut’s southern suburbs .(HASAN SHAABAN/Reuters)

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