That ain’t right: Clone of a dinosaur 

Several news websites, along with the power of social media tools, mainly with twitter and facebook, shared and republished a story claiming that a British university had made a clone of a dinosaur.

The story which occurred, according to the shared story, inside the Veterinary Medicine of Liverpool’s John Moore University, has been reported by a spokesman whose name was never mentioned in the published story.

In fact, inside the shared article, there was a mention of a dr. Gerrard Jones, biology professor at LJMU and the project’s leading scientist, in addition to dr. Gemma Sheridan, a LJMU chemistry professor, and also the name of PETA President Craig Farmer.

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Lebanon POW 20-26 Feb 2014

In this week of Local Pow, we will start with a photo that was published by a local newspaper but unfortunately without mentioning the name of the Lebanese photographer who took it, Bilal Jawich.

We have also included the new Dar Al-aytam logo, and the Google doodle about ShouShou.

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That ain’t right: snow over Egypt’s pyramids!

WOOW, for the first time in 112 years, snow/hail has fallen across Egypt.

This news as unbelievable as it might sounds, is totally true. Hundreds of photos were shared over all social media platforms to share the love of having snow in what is known as desert land, which according to The Weather Channel, “given its desert climate, precipitation of any kind is a rarity in Cairo. The city averages less than an inch of rain each year.”

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Int. POW 20 – 26 August 2013

I think this week can be also one of the most dramatic weeks during the past year, with fire blazing inside the forest, explosions in Lebanon, Syria alleged chemical weapon. In addition to the unrest egyptian status.

Don’t get too much stressed with those photos, Go back to previous posts to check more joyful photos. 🙂

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A woman raises her arms and shouts as she stands on the site where car bombs exploded on May 11, 2013 near the town hall in Reyhanli, just a few kilometres from the main border crossing into Syria, killing four people and wounded another 18, according to an initial toll. (CEM GENCO/AFP/Getty Images) --- Serap commented: ( May 27, 2013): The owner of this photo is Anadolu Agency (AA)

International POW: 6-12 May

Greeeetings people,

Thank you for sparing few minutes to just watch, and maybe if you would like, to read few lines.

This week was still witnessing the devastating aftermath of the collapse of the building in Bangladesh, adding to it the explosions that happened in Turkey and the fire the set up in Pakistan that reminded us with images we have seen look-a-like in 9/11 World Trade Center accident.

but also beside all the “bad” images, there is still some nice events and occasions that happened around the world.

ok, maybe i should stop talking and let you scroll down to see the photos.

and aahh yes, at the bottom there is a small photographic surprise 🙂

Hope you will like it.

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