A woman holds a pink ball during an event to raise awareness on breast cancer in Beirut, Lebanon. (ANWAR AMRO / AFP)

Lebanon POW : 5 – 11 October

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do – Eleanor Roosevelt.

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International POW 6-12May

With this new POW post, we are delightful to say that a plan is being made to upgrade this blog to another level.

So if you have any comment or idea you like to share with us, please be free.

And from now till the make overs are done, you are more than welcome to keep enjoying POW photos.

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I stayed out til 6 am this morning photographing the different phases of the eclipse over this field on Mach Road, and composted them to create this image. (Mike Mezeul II/Facebook)

International POW 15-21 April

Few days ago it was Easter, and many of you probably spent the day searching for eggs, playing with eggs and coloring them, and maybe also devouring bunny-chocolates.

Beside Easter and the photos of the Easter bunny, there was also an amazing phenomenon called the bloody moon, which I chose one photo taken from a facebook page that show the true beauty of the view.

Other than that, POW hopes you will enjoy scrolling down to see this week’s post.

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Players of the Stars Academy for Sports (SAS) futsal team pose for a team photo prior to a training session. They have faced family disapproval and a lack of resources, but a group of Lebanese women have created the country's first female league for futsal, the faster, five-a-side variety of football. (JOSEPH EID/AFP)

Lebanon POW 28Nov-4Dec

This week the Lebanese POW will be having a truly Lebanese tour, from the clashes in Tripoli, to Bekaa, and Beirut, and all the way to Tyre.

And also, with sport related news that I wish you will enjoy taking a look at it.

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