International POW 8-14 April

Welcome to a new International POW post,

In this week, the photos were remarkably more colorful, from the Indian traditional festivals, and the garden of Europe, Spain, and also getting the Easter eggs ready.

Do you think any more images should been added to this post? The comment section is always open 🙂

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A man in his Boxers standing beside the egyptain police, meanwhile at least 50 people have been killed and scores hurt in Egypt in clashes between police and supporters of the deposed President Mohammed Morsi. (Ibrahim Elmasry)

Int. POW 1 – 7 Oct

This week can be considered to me as a hard week, because of the several good photos that were taken around the world.

Therefor you will notice that there is in this post 13 photo very different from each other, and maybe if I wait a bit more i could find more photos 🙂

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International POW 25June – 1July 2013

Like every Monday, I try bring the best and most amazing photography from around the world.

Fist, we cannot ignore the two protest that happened yesterday in Egypt the #30june protest against the Egyptian president and its regime, and the “tajarad” protest supporting the regime.

And like every week, several protest are happening from around the world, and thanks to amazing photographers out there, I am able to share those photos with you, to have a feeling of what is happening around you.

Some people when I bump in to them, tell me small suggestions, or photos to add, so if you want also to share something with me, I’m all ears 🙂

and before I leave you with the photos, just want to tell you that POW is now one month old 🙂

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International POW 18 – 24 June 2013

Some devastating incidents happened this week around the world, from the explosion in Russia, to the big fire in Colorado in the united states of America to the water flood in different countries of Europe.

Beside this also, we have found some neat photos for examples those facial expressions from Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin, and the stampede for wanting to have a glimpse of David Beckham along with several other beautiful photos.

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