A cross on the summit of the Pizalun mountain over the village of Mastrils, Switzerland. (ARNO BALZARINI / EPA)

International POW 26 Nov – 2 Dec

Everytime I take a look at the final draft of International POW before publishing it, the first thing I notice is that people really dosn’t seem to have interest in good things that happens around them, but try to focus more and talk more about the bad things instead.

Paul Walker, one of the main actors in the movie series “Fast and furious” has passed away in a car crash, yet that wasn’t the only thing that happened in the world during the past week.

In other news, TIME magazine has chosen it’s top 10 photos for 2013.

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International POW 8 – 15 October

One day before Adha celebrations starts around the world, and already beautiful photos are emerging from what is called the largest yearly gathering of people in the world.

Meanwhile, a very touching story happened in Ohio, along with Malala from Pakistan being close of winning the Nobel Prize.

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A man in his Boxers standing beside the egyptain police, meanwhile at least 50 people have been killed and scores hurt in Egypt in clashes between police and supporters of the deposed President Mohammed Morsi. (Ibrahim Elmasry)

Int. POW 1 – 7 Oct

This week can be considered to me as a hard week, because of the several good photos that were taken around the world.

Therefor you will notice that there is in this post 13 photo very different from each other, and maybe if I wait a bit more i could find more photos 🙂

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International POW: 3 – 9 September

Sometimes when looking on my screen monitor, all I see inside International news websites stories coming from Syria, especially in the last two weeks.

Before that, almost all the news were about Egypt and isolated president Mohamed Morsi.

I can’t hide that during these times, searching for a vast variety of images from around the world was a bit difficult while everyone is focusing on one or two parts of the world .

During the preparation of this week’s International POW, I started looking up for new sources for images, and had several of messages back and forth with other websites to bring and share with you some of the best photos from the world, to bring it right in front of you in POW.

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Int. POW 27Aug – 2Sept 2013

Sometimes it just seems as the world is really turning roles everyday,

protests are happening almost everywhere, but of course with media attention changing based on international interests of course.

Other than that, syria is still an ongoing battlefield, waiting, or not, for an american armed strike, while palestine is still bleeding day by day.

Beside that, some lineaments of hope still arise from different part of the world.

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