Rana stands in front of a mural, representing her rapist, in a street in #Beirut, part of @abaadmena campaign #shameonwho, which aims to change behavior around rape culture and victim shaming, in #lebanon. (Marwan TAHTAH / AFP)
Lebanon POW

Lebanon POW: 8 – 14 November

You’re a survivor because every day you make a choice not to be governed by their harsh words or actions. No one has the right

Lebanese Hezbollah supporters march during a religious procession, to mark the burning of the tents that is part of Ashura religious ceremony, in Nabatieh. (Ali Hashisho / REUTERS)
Lebanon POW

Lebanon POW: 6 – 12 November

Billions of photos are shot every year, and about the toughest thing a photographer can do is invent an original, deeply personal, instantly recognizable visual

I stayed out til 6 am this morning photographing the different phases of the eclipse over this field on Mach Road, and composted them to create this image. (Mike Mezeul II/Facebook)
International POW

International POW 15-21 April

Few days ago it was Easter, and many of you probably spent the day searching for eggs, playing with eggs and coloring them, and maybe