International POW: 8- 14 July

From the ongoing war in Palestine, to the latest moments of the Fifa World cup in Brazil, without forgetting the syrians war neither the supermoon, POW present to you with the start of a new week, a new collection of the best photos from around the world.

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International POW 11-17March

Welcome to a new International POW post, in this latest edition, we will go through the political unrest that Turkey is witnessing, then pass over a powerful image from Afghanistan, without forgetting the weird disappearance of the Malaysian aircraft and other amazing photos from what has been happening in the past week.

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International POW: 3 – 9 September

Sometimes when looking on my screen monitor, all I see inside International news websites stories coming from Syria, especially in the last two weeks.

Before that, almost all the news were about Egypt and isolated president Mohamed Morsi.

I can’t hide that during these times, searching for a vast variety of images from around the world was a bit difficult while everyone is focusing on one or two parts of the world .

During the preparation of this week’s International POW, I started looking up for new sources for images, and had several of messages back and forth with other websites to bring and share with you some of the best photos from the world, to bring it right in front of you in POW.

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1-5 May 2013

I don’t know the number of people who will be seeing this first post i’m doing this now,

but what i want to say that i love photography, taking photos and seeing photos, therefor i decided to this new blog.

Why photosoftheweek?

because each week amazing photos attract me, and because it may always attract your eyes 🙂 as simple as that.

So each week, hopefully each Monday, a new post will be published, so make sure you FOLLOW the blog by pressing the yellow button on the right.

let’s do business now 🙂

Below are a few winners of the 2013 Sony World Photography Awards. There were 15 categories with 3 winners from each, so I won’t post them all. I will just wet your appetite with a few :).

(Adam Pretty/Getty Images/2013 Sony World Photography Awards)

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