Lebanon POW

Lebanon POW 20-26 Feb 2014

In this week of Local Pow, we will start with a photo that was published by a local newspaper but unfortunately without mentioning the name of the Lebanese photographer who

Valentine’s lingerie is displayed at a shop in the Beirut Christian southern suburb of Ain al-Rummaneh, ahead of Valentines Day on February 14. (JOSEPH EID/AFP)
Lebanon POW

Lebanon POW 30Jan-5Feb 2014

Who is still watching Tele-Liban, the official and national tv station in Lebanon? Ahhh yes, that TV station is still on and guess what? It

The "Beirut International Book Exhibition" opened its door this week. The 57 edition of this exhibit will be showing books from 210 local and international publishing houses. (Bilal Jawich/Anadolu ajansi)
Lebanon POW

Lebanon POW 5 – 11 Dec

After numerous notices about the ALEXA that will hit Lebanon this week, a person cannot but to pray for the refugee coming from Syria trying

Fouad, a lebanese man, rented the Fouad Chehab football stadium in Jounieh, Lebanon, and wrote in big letter "MARRY ME", before flying in a private plan with Sandra and asking her hand in mid-air. (Aljoumhouria)
Lebanon POW

Lebanon POW 21 – 27 Nov

In a country so divided by politics and sectarianism, a stand of solidarity with the media and the freedom of speech is far more better

Lebanon took part in the world wide event entitled "Million Mask March", where a group wearing the famous anonymous mask gathered in downtown Beirut, in-front of the governmental building. (Bilal Jawich/Anadolu Ajansy)
Lebanon POW

Lebanon POW 31Oct – 6Nov

“Remember Remember .. the fifth of November” as naive as it might sounds, but the whole concept of the idea, once being understood, is really

Security forces began demolishing violated houses in Wata Musaytbeh after reaching an agreement with the people who had carried out since the morning sit-in protest. (Hussein Baydoun/Aljadeed)
Lebanon POW

Lebanon POW 17 – 23 Oct

The week started with the happy return of the 9 lebanese pilgrims that were kidnapped in syria safely to their homes in Beirut, which reflected

The youth of tripoli launched hot air ballons in the sky before one day From Adha Eid (Hasan othmani/We Love Tripoli/Facebook)
Lebanon POW

Lebanon POW 10 – 16 Oct

Perhaps one of most “famous” news that Lebanon has witnessed during this week was the death of the artist Wadih El Safi at the age

A dozen women and men protested in front of the Higher Shiite Council to demand the revise of its custody laws to be fairer to women wich falls exclusively under the jurisdiction of religious courts. (Khaled Ayyad/ Protecting Lebanese Women PLW)
Lebanon POW

Lebanon POW 3 – 9 Oct

While thinking of writing these sentences, I noticed that maybe this week has been a “low action” week. no dramatic events or incidents, just good

A protester holds a poster burning on which is depicted former US president George W. Bush taking off a mask of current President Barack Obama during a demonstration of supporters of Syrian regime near the US embassy, east of Beirut against a possible US military strike on Syria. US President is pressing Congress to approve military action against the Syrian regime in response to an alleged August 21 attack with chemical weapons. (ANWAR AMRO/AFP)
Lebanon POW

Leb POW 4-11 Sept 2013

News of a possible western/american intervention in Syria had it’s reflection inside the lebanese community, that was very obvious in the lebanese’s conversation and protests.

Hundered of Lebanese protesting against the intervention in Cairo which caused tens of dead, Beirut the Lebanese capital. (Bilal Jawich / Anadolu Ajansi)
Lebanon POW

Leb POW 8 -14 August 2013

Maybe i shouldn’t post now, maybe I should wait a bit more, maybe..mmm.. what the heck. Despite that this post is Lebanese local one, I