Garbage piled up on the streets of the capital and other parts of the country, with waste collectors still unable to address the problem due to an ongoing sit-in by activists at the landfill in Naameh in protest of the overfilled dump. (Fadi BouKaram/Facebook)
Lebanon POW

Lebanon POW 16 – 22 January

3 main “events” can be said to be recorded in Lebanon in the previous week. The garbage problem, the explosions and rockets from Bekaa to

Two Lebanese women wearing Santa Claus outfits and waving their national flag water ski during a show in the bay of Jounieh, Lebanon. (PATRICK BAZ/AFP)
Lebanon POW

Lebanon POW: 18-25 December

Merry Christmas everyone! Maybe it’s a coincidence that Lebanon POW is today, to make you smile a bit .. maybe 🙂 As you will witness,

Lebanon POW

Leb POW 19-25 Sept 2013

Maybe the first thing we can remember happening in Lebanon is the flooding that is happening in several cities around lebanon, along with was is

Majida El Roumi Live during the Batroun Festival (Virgin Ticketing Box-Office/Facebook)
Lebanon POW

Leb POW 22 -28 August 2013

Between the two explosions in Tripoli and the past one in Beirut suburbs, tears are mixed with blood and dirt. It is really a sad

"on this earth something that makes life worth living" a phrase said by the poet Mahmoud Darwich, calligraphied along with Darwich photo at one of Harma street entrance in Beirut by the graphity artist Yazan Halawani. (Abbas Salman / Assafir)
Lebanon POW

Leb POW 15 -21 August 2013

it was a very sad week, or maybe is it the way that Lebanon should be surviving one day till the other? this week started

While people were having iftar at the mass event, The city (Tripoli, Lebanon) was getting illuminated like never before. 15 stories high, there was nothing but peace, heavenly peace. I only wish this could go for as long as eternity! (Nath Halawani)
Lebanon POW

Lebanese POW 1 -7 August 2013

Here we are today at the final day of Ramadan, happy eid fotor to everyone and especially Muslims around the world. this week we will

An anti-gun sign reading in Arabic "it's not a lollipop" stands on the side of a road at the northern entrance of Beirut. (JOSEPH EID/AFP)
Lebanon POW

Lebanese POW 25 -31 july 2013

Somehow, Lebanon is always an abnormal country in the world, we do have a lot of problem but somehow we can still find a way

Some two dozen protesters rallied outside the Constitutional Council in Beirut, throwing tomatoes at the gate, condemning the decision to extend Parliament’s mandate by 17 months. They also lobbed tomatoes at huge posters depicting Lebanon’s MPs. (Imad Bazzi / Facebook)
Lebanon POW

Lebanese POW 13 – 19 June

Lebanon today woke up to find that their facebook timeline was filled with a photo of a gunmen walking beside an army vehicle, a photo

Lebanon POW

Lebanese POW 6 – 12 June 2013

In this version of POW, we have to say that there has been a certain accident that was negative which is the death of the

Lebanon POW

Lebanese POW 23 – 29 May 2013

This week’s Lebanese version of POW, is a mix between the dark/bad side of Lebanon, in addition to the other side of it. we tried