#Israeli soldiers detain a Palestinian protester during a demonstration against the Israeli settlement expansion in the village of #Shufah, #Palestine. (JAAFAR ASHTIYEH / AFP)
International POW

International POW: 1 – 7 September

When somebody challenges you, fight back. Be brutal, be tough. Donald Trump

Anti-government protesters carry a sign with pictures of unknown people hanging on the gallows during a protest in downtown #Beirut, #Lebanon. (IBRAHIM DIRANI / EPA)
Lebanon POW

Lebanon POW: 27 August – 2 September

Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. James Bovard

Shia Muslims grieve during the re-enactment of the battle of #Karbala in Suq al-Shuyoukh, #Iraq. (Hussein Faleh / AFP)
International POW

International POW: 25 – 31 August

People Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The World, Are The Ones Who Do. Rob Siltanen

A sculpture presented during the Beirut Art Week 2019 on a street in #Beirut, #Lebanon. (Bilal Jawich / Xinhua)
Lebanon POW

Lebanon POW: 12 – 18 September

Nice words and nice appearance doesn’t conclude that someone is nice, i believe that the nicer you look, the more deceptive you appear. Michael Bassey Johnson

A child looks at the garbage that occupies the sidewalk in #Rome, #Italy. (Massimo Percossi / EPA)
International POW

International POW: 10 – 16 September

We never live; we are always in the expectation of living. Voltaire

A black-clad young #girl is pictured as she takes part with supporters of #Hezbollah movement, in #Ashura, in a suburb of the capital #Beirut, #Lebanon. (ANWAR AMRO / AFP / AA)
Lebanon POW

Lebanon POW: 5 – 11 September

Loss alone is but the wounding of a heart; it is the memory that makes it our ruin. – Brian Ruckley

A Shi'ite #child carries a #sword as he bleeds after he was cut on the forehead to mark #Ashura in #Nabatiyeh, #Lebanon. (Ali Hashisho / REUTERS)
Lebanon POW

Lebanon POW: 20 – 26 September

Some grief shows much of love, But much of grief shows still some want of wit. – William Shakespeare

PM Saad #Hariri diving with a #whale in a undated image published on his personal social media account. (Saad Hariri / Vero)
Lebanon POW

Lebanon POW: 13 – 19 September

Sometimes, you just have to dive straight in, I guess that’s what life is all about. – Anthony T. Hincks

A supporter of the Nejmeh football club reacts after the “Camille Chamoun Stadium” was mostly destroyed by angry fans following the lost against Ansar 5-1 (Talal Salman / Super1)
Lebanon POW

Lebanon POW : 28 September – 4 October

Anyone who has lost something they thought was theirs forever finally comes to realise that nothing really belongs to them. – Paulo Coelho.

An Israeli soldier runs after a Palestinian protester during clashes at a protest near Tubas, Palestine. (AYMAN NOBANI / REUTERS)
International POW

International POW: 26 September – 2 October

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind. – Bernard M. Baruch