Lebanon POW

Lebanon POW: 5 – 11 June

Protests, exams, no exams, sexual harassment, shark hunting, could there be anything more? Ah yes, next week there is the Worldcup, and of course Lebanese

Lebanon POW

Lebanon POW 23 – 29 Jan 2014

As the Syrian crisis gets older day by day, the relation between what is happening in Syria and i’s impact in Lebanon is getting more clear. The fear

A Syrian man pushes a cart of trash down a street in a poor section of Beirut where the majority of residents are Syrian refugees. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
Lebanon POW

Lebanon POW 7 – 13 Nov

The first thing that I could say is that new 50.000 Lebanese lira bill is mmm, or should I leave it to you to say

A picture of the three MPs during the parliamentary consultations for the formation of a “Lebanese” Electoral law. (Haytham Mousawi / Alakhbar)
Lebanon POW

Lebanese POW 15 – 22 May 2013

Ahla w sahla, to the third edition of POW, Lebanese version 🙂 What I have to tell you, that it was a good thing for