Lebanese POW 18 – 24 july 2013

A very contradict feeling can be felt this week while taking a look at the photos that made it to POW.

From the domestic violence cases that happened, the FIBA banning Lebanon from participating in international Basketball games, and lately the crocodile incident that was reported today, with few other photos also that are right here.

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A man passes in front of an army convoy patrolling the streets in Beirut. (Hasan Shaaban/The Daily Star)

Lebanese POW 20 – 26 June 2013

This week, Lebanon was witnessing a turning point of its scene. The battle that the Lebanese army went into against the cleric Ahmad al-Assir, along with the different tries to impose peace in different Lebanese territories from Tripoli to Beirut to Saida and other places.

And beside all the negative feelings that we had after the death of several militants, Lebanon had a date also with amazing fireworks of Jouniyeh, and the election of “Miss Lebanon in France”  A.K.A. “Lebanese beauty queen of France” and the protest of Downtown Beirut against the extension of Lebanese parliament members, also known as “لا_للتمديد”

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