I received many questions concerning POW’s “right” to repost the photos/videos taken by news agencies and individuals. Does this act contradicts the copyright?

To answer this, I would like to clarify the following:

The source of each photo/video is noted after a small description found underneath it; whether it was a news agency, individual owner, or the reference where it was first discovered.

Regarding social media references, kindly note that the media is uploaded online to be available for the public. Therefore, re-posting it should be no problem at all – taking into account that the references are well mentioned.

As for the news agencies – who are getting their images published in news websites, or newspapers across the world – POW, mostly in its International version, copies the URL directly from the publishing reference. So, by opening the image in a new window, the URL address is clearly seen. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, the images in our Blog are footed by the name of the news agency and the photographer.


POW, as a blog, is a non-commercial website, and it is even listed in the free WordPress directory, solely aiming to show the world and the internet users, Internaut, the beauty of the photos being shown and/or shared over the internet.

Blog post do not remove any copyright, trademarks, or other proprietary notice, and it even encourage it.

POW, is not, and will not in any way commercially exploit the content without a prior written consent of the owner of each element.


If you have any more questions regarding POW and the usage of its content, do not hesitate to contact me.

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  1. Elizabeth Fitt
    12 months ago

    Hi POW – actually I own the copyright for my work, whether it is posted by an agency or anywhere else online. It’s presence does not denote public access commercially or otherwise, unless I have licenced it as such. As I have not, please remove my work from your blog, unless you would like to pay the industry rate for it. You would never walk into a restaurant and expect people to cook you food for free – why on earth would you expect to be able to take my work free and without even the courtesy of asking me?

    1. Ghazayel
      12 months ago

      Thank you Elizabeth for contacting us,
      We will gladly remove the image that you are referring to, we would just like know which one you are referring to, so we can take the appropriate action for it.


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