That ain’t right: Syrian family on the streets of Saida

Oh the cruelty, How could they do that with the Syrian refugees, Down with the world … And human rights.

These were few comments and captions shared with the photo, a photo that has spread recently on various pages and accounts, especially with the ones related to the Syrian crisis, mentioning that it was taken in Saida, south of Lebanon.

And like most of the widespread photos, our curiosity was focused not on the matter of any modification done on that particular photo, but instead on where the actual location of where that photo was taken, just to see if it is true of what the social media world is saying.

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That ain’t right: Al Assad using UNHCR tents

Few days ago, facebook pages, which a lot of it support the opposition forces in Syria, published this photo mentioning that it is a pro-Bashar Al Assad election campaign tent, a tent that was originally meant to be given to the Syrian refugees.

This photo surfaced online after a “Global Overview 2014” report was published by IDMC, part of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), at the United Nations in Geneva, alongside the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), which revealed that the Syrian civil war, in its fourth year, is being held responsible for the surge in those displaced in their own country, a rise of 4.5 million (15.6%) on 2012.

Getting back to the photo, we are going to tackle each hypothesis and analyzing its elements one by one.

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That ain’t right: Clone of a dinosaur 

Several news websites, along with the power of social media tools, mainly with twitter and facebook, shared and republished a story claiming that a British university had made a clone of a dinosaur.

The story which occurred, according to the shared story, inside the Veterinary Medicine of Liverpool’s John Moore University, has been reported by a spokesman whose name was never mentioned in the published story.

In fact, inside the shared article, there was a mention of a dr. Gerrard Jones, biology professor at LJMU and the project’s leading scientist, in addition to dr. Gemma Sheridan, a LJMU chemistry professor, and also the name of PETA President Craig Farmer.

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That ain’t right: snow over Egypt’s pyramids!

WOOW, for the first time in 112 years, snow/hail has fallen across Egypt.

This news as unbelievable as it might sounds, is totally true. Hundreds of photos were shared over all social media platforms to share the love of having snow in what is known as desert land, which according to The Weather Channel, “given its desert climate, precipitation of any kind is a rarity in Cairo. The city averages less than an inch of rain each year.”

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That ain’t right: burned bodies in Tripoli

Marcel Ghanem, a lebanese TV presenter in Kalam Ennass, has shown tonight a photo of burned bodies from Cairo, claiming that it was taken in Tripoli, Lebanon after the deadly explosions which hit the city. Ghanem added :”the photo was sent to us by Dr. Ahmad El Ayoubi (our guest) and it shows how the human being can turn into a charred body in Lebanon, these photos are taken from today’s massacre, and this massacre cannot but drive us into feelings of anger, tears, and revolution, people have all the right to be indignant with us and with the politicians; and the media has to question: tomorrow where to?!”.

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