Protests, exams, no exams, sexual harassment, shark hunting, could there be anything more?

Ah yes, next week there is the Worldcup, and of course Lebanese will be living it to the max.

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Education Minister Elias Bou Saab said he had agreed with the Union Coordination Committee Tuesday night to postpone official exams for one day in a last-ditch deal that averted a confrontation between the two sides. (Ali Mohamad / Almustaqbal)
Lebanese army Navy celebrate with Michael Haddad, a paraplegic, after he climbed the 70 meter Pigeon’s Rock, a natural rock formation off the Rouche residential and commercial neighborhood of the capital Beirut. Haddad climbed to the top of the rock where he placed the Lebanese flag and the abseiled back down. (ANWAR AMRO / AFP)
Lebanese and Syrians take part in a gathering in support of Syrian refugees in front of the National Museum in the Lebanese capital Beirut. More than one million Syrian refugees are believed to be in Lebanon and they would lose their refugee status if they return home for a visit, Lebanons interior ministry said. (ANWAR AMRO / AFP)
The Directorate General of the ISF’s Information Branch seized a container of apricots stuffed with cannabis in Zahle prison. The controlled substances were stuffed in to the fruits disguised as seeds, and were brought into the prision by a 26 year old Lebanese man, along with other items. (stringer)
Protesters climb over the recently-erected fence at Dalieh, Beirut (Marwan Tahtah / Alakhbar)
The Internal Security Forces (ISF) celebrated on Monday its 153rd anniversary at Dbayeh’s Wissam al-Hassan Barracks as top officials praised the police force’s role in fighting terrorism. (Hussam Chbaro / Almustaqbal)
A local fisherman Yahia Saidawi, better known by his nickname “Gergi”, made quite the catch, snaring himself an 800kg shark in the sea off the Mina coast of Tripoli, north Lebanon
Protesters hold banners in Beirut against the Sudanese judiciary’s sentence for a Christian woman who was accused of apostasy.(Mohammad Azakir / The Daily Star)
Thousands of people gather after the invitation of several parties and Islamist parties and march to support Palestine and Al-Aqsa Mosque in Beirut, Lebanon. People hold Palestinian flags on the demonstration. (Bilal Jawich / Anadolu Agency)
McDonald’s World’s First 3D Mapping: The Reopening of Ain el Mreisseh branch (No Garlic No Onions)


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