With a special mix of the holy month of Ramadan and the world cup, in addition to a flavor of traditional local news, These are the best selected weekly photos for you.

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“Shoes of a minister and shoes of a citizen”, minister of agriculture Akram Shehayeb meeting with Ali berro in his sit-in, at downtown Beirut. (Hussam Chbaro)
Agriculture Ministry employee Dr. Ali Berro ended his hunger strike at the urging of several parties, most notably the Union Coordination Committee (UCC). Berro decided to end his sit-in at Riad al-Solh Square and to rejoin the struggle as part of the UCC and its planned mobilizations. He said it is hard to make a breakthrough in a country where people are desensitized but added that, “I will find a way. I will continue my battle against injustice and corruption from a different position and through different means.” (Haitham Moussawi / Al-Akhbar)
Chinese piano prodigy Lang Lang opened this year’s Byblos International Festival. Hailed by The New York Times as the “hottest artist on the classical music planet,” Lang amazed the Lebanese audience with his interpretations of Rachmaninov’s concerto no. 2 and Chopin’s masterpieces among other compositions. (Bilal Jawich / Anadolu ajansi)
Rabih El Sa’a has been chosen as the strongest person in Lebanon, while the first runner up was Daniel Halabi, and second runner up Mahdi Rammal. The Tournament for choosing the strongest man consisted of moving a truck, carrying a car, holding almost 200 kg and a lot more games. (Almustaqbal)
A Newly found megalithic stone in baalbeck supposed to be the largest stone ever found in the world, Hajar al Hobla, is a 1500 tons limestone stone cut with extreme precision. (Glamroz)
Men praying inside “Mohammad Al-Amin” mosque, one of the biggest mosques in Beirut, of the first friday prayer in the holy month of Ramadan. (Ratib Al Safadi / Anadolu ajansi)
At the start of the holy month of Ramadan, most of the juice stores add something new to its menu, the drinks of Ramadan. (Bilal Jawich / Anadolu ajansi)
Cracked wall of a house in Chehim in Iklim El-Kharoub, is said to be a result of the 4.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Lebanon. (Khadijeh El-Hajjar / Almustaqbal)
Mohamad Fannas Latkous, making his way inside the narrow streets of Saida, south Lebanon, Latkous is a palestinian who fled after the Nakba of 1948. (Ratib Al Safadi / Anadolu Ajansi)
A girl hugs her friends while watching the the German team scoring their goals inside the brazilian net in the Fifa World cup game, in Beirut, Lebanon (Hussam Chbaro)
Beirut’s streets become empty as people go home to eat iftar, the traditional meal taken after a person is done with their daily fast during Ramadan. (Marwan Tahtah / Al-akhbar)

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