In this week’s International POW, it will take you from exotic art in Israel, to other kind of art, passing by the selfie photos being taken before going up in space to take a look at Sotchi’s Olympic city in Russia.

Along with the below photos, you should check also the best photos that were announced in the 2014 World press photo award by click this link here.

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An Israeli hanging on hooks preforms the Suspension (body modification) during the annual Israel Tattoo Convention in Tel Aviv, Israel. (Abir Sultan/EPA)
An Israeli hanging on hooks preforms the Suspension (body modification) during the annual Israel Tattoo Convention in Tel Aviv, Israel. (Abir Sultan/EPA)
Couples watch a performance during a mass wedding event held by the Unification Church in Gapyeong. Unification Church members forming 2,500 couples from 52 countries were married in a mass wedding in South Korea — only the second such event since the death of their “messiah” and controversial church founder Sun Myung Moon. (Ed Jones / AFP – Getty Images)
The International Space Station’s astronauts are snapping fantastic pictures of the Sochi Olympics from 260 miles away. That’s how high the orbital outpost was flying above the Russian Black Sea site when the glow of Sochi’s night lights was captured this week by a space station crew member, using a Nikon 3DS camera equipped with a 600mm lens. (NASA)
Bahraini girls, with their faces painted in national colors, participate in a march for democracy in Manama, Bahrain. Protesters chanted anti-government slogans during one of several protests organized in the run-up to Friday’s third anniversary of an uprising demanding democracy in the Gulf island kingdom. Writing on the girl’s face at right reads, “Bahrain, the revolution continues,” and on the face of the girl at left: “Bahrain, revolution until victory.” (Hasan Jamali/AP)
People cry after losing all of their belongings in a fire at a slum at Mirpur in Dhaka, Bangladesh. According to local media, at least 200 shanties and 20 shops were destroyed in the fire on Tuesday, which was caused by an electric short circuit at a slum in the Mirpur area. (Andrew Biraj / Reuters)
Secretary of State John Kerry takes a selfie with a group of students before delivering a speech on climate change, in Jakarta, Indonesia. Climate change may be the world’s “most fearsome” weapon of mass destruction and urgent global action is needed to combat it, Kerry said on Sunday, comparing those who deny its existence or question its causes to people who insist the Earth is flat. (Evan Vucci/AP) 
People make snow angels in front of the Lincoln Memorial as a heavy snow storm hit Washington D.C. on Feb. 13. The eastern U.S., in the grips of one of the most brutal winters in recent memory, braced for what forecasters warned could be the worst broadside yet — a massive storm with the season’s heaviest snowfall. (Mladen Antonov / AFP – Getty Images)
A diver made with lemons and oranges is displayed during the 81st Lemon festival in Menton, southeastern France. The theme this year is “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” from the classic science fiction novel by French writer Jules Verne published in 1870. This exhibition involves over more than 300 professionals working on the project and 145 tons of citrus fruits. (Lionel Cironneau/AP) 
People look at the carcass of the giraffe Marius after it was killed at the Copenhagen Zoo. The Copenhagen Zoo went ahead with a plan to shoot and dismember a healthy giraffe on Sunday and feed the 18-month-old animal’s carcass to lions – an action the zoo said was in line with anti-inbreeding rules meant to ensure a healthy giraffe population. (Kasper Palsnov—Scanpix Denmark/Reuters)
Riot police stand behind crosses installed by anti-government protesters in memory of the people who have died and went missing during clashes in Ukraine, near the barricades in Kiev. (Reuters)
Worker’s continue to build flood defense around Moorland resident Sam Notaro’s house in the flooded village of Moorland near Bridgwater on the Somerset Levels in Somerset, England. (Matt Cardy/Getty Images)
A woman takes a self portrait with U.S. President Barack Obama (L) as Obama and French President Francois Hollande greet students at a State Arrival ceremony in Hollande’s honor on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)
A 40-foot sinkhole that opened up under the National Corvette Museum and swallowed eight Corvettes, including the historic 1992 White 1 Millionth Corvette, in Bowling Green, Kentucky is seen in this handout provided by the museum. (Reuters)

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