Lebanese POW 23 – 29 May 2013

This week’s Lebanese version of POW, is a mix between the dark/bad side of Lebanon, in addition to the other side of it.

we tried in this post, to give some nice photos that occurred during the week, a bit away from the clashes that happened almost all week in Tripoli, north of Lebanon.

And in the end of the post, you will see two photos, kind of a flash back, so of course these two aren’t “new” but they fit the content of this week.

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Lebanon’s President Michel Sleiman (2nd R), accompanied by Lebanese army commander General Jean Kahwaji (2nd L), inspects the site of the army checkpoint where three Lebanese soldiers were killed on Tuesday near the town of Arsal, in the eastern Bekaa Valley. (Dalati Nohra)

He demonstrated alone: Stop the bleeding of Tripoli, did not even care to say his name. A Lebanese citizen from Pino in Akkar wanted to express concerns that worries the Lebanese people and especially the people of Tripoli. (Sako Bikarian / Annahar)

“I am in solidarity with the Koseir (Syria)” A number of young Lebanese and Syrians sit in downtown Beirut’s Martyrs’ Square, “to condemn the participation of the “Hezbollah” with the Syrian regime in the sectarian killings against the Syrians. (Annahar)

A mentally disabled man holds a Kalashnikov in Bab al-Tabbaneh, Tripoli during the clashes that erupted there, and the death toll reached almost 28 dead. (Ibrahim Chalhoub)

A girl wearing a pink dress almost as a bride participating in the “Beirut Marathon for women” under the slogan “Anjad Awiyeh- Really strong”. (Annahar)

Khaled elHaber performing on the stage of Unesco Palace in Beirut, Lebanon (Hussein Baydoun)

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah announced Saturday the large-scale involvement of his party in the war in neighboring Syria, saying his party’s fighting against Syrian rebels aimed at protecting the resistance group. (Abbas Salman – Assafir)

Two rockets hit the Chiah area on the southern suburb of Beirut, injuring five people. Lebanese Army and security forces came to the scene and started investigating. (Zeinoun Naboulsi)

Curtain raised on the streets, which witnessed clashes in Tripoli over the past week. The goal of these curtains is to protect passing people from sniper’s bullets. (Ibrahim Chalhoub / AFP)

Amid the gloomy melancholy climates that is damaging to the region, The cultural circle in Beirut was shocked by the death of director Yacoub Sharkawi who wrote the Sharkawi who wrote the bright history of modern Arab theater. (Sharkawi with his actors 1981)

The late Palestinian writer Edward Said throwing a stone at an Israeli site at the Fatima gate, in Kfar Kila, south of Lebanon in 2000 (Kamel Jaber / alakhbar)

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