Ahla w sahla, to the third edition of POW, Lebanese version ūüôā

What I have to tell you, that it was a good thing for us that the whole¬†Lebanese¬†political scene what all going down in one place, in martyr square, why? because it meant that we could add more “Lebanese” photo other than politics, pretty cool right?

as you will scroll down, you will notice a really¬†variety of photos, from politics, to mm let’s say amazing things :), oh come on, we don’t want to spoil the surprise, like we did in the last version of Int. POW .

A picture of the three MPs during the parliamentary consultations for the formation of a ‚ÄúLebanese‚ÄĚ Electoral law. (Haytham Mousawi / Alakhbar)
A picture of the three MPs during the parliamentary consultations for the formation of a ‚ÄúLebanese‚ÄĚ Electoral law. (Haytham Mousawi / Alakhbar)


In the first anniversary of the death of “the director of the Environment and Development Department of the syndicate of professional divers in Lebanon Hussein Ahmed Abu Khalil, the union implanted a memorial marble bearing the name “Abu Khalil’s well” at the bottom of the Tyr’s sea. The union said in a statement that it “chose this spot to the love of the deceased to field wells sulfur that contributed to the discovery of many of them, especially those that are located at depths of more than sixty meters”. (Almustaqbal)
Engravings were discovered along with drawings and symbols in color on the walls of these rooms carved under the church of St. John the Baptist in the town of Amyoun. Some of those fees ¬ęgraphically similar to the primitive prehistoric peoples (no older than 3000 years BC, and perhaps more). (Fadia Daaboul / Assafir)
The seventeenth of May is no longer a special occasion for the Kingdom Norwegian to celebrate National Day, but became a celebration of internationally experienced every year in the town of Ibl al-Saqi known for years throughout as “the capital of Norbat”, the Norwegian battalion which settled 21 years so far under the umbrella of the United Nations, and gave 21 martyrs which are honored with a monument and a square called “Norway” which is visited constantly by their relatives. (Annahar)
Photo taken during the funeral of Fadi Mohammad al-Jazzar a member of “Hezbollah” in the southern suburbs of Beirut. (AFP)
The Lebanese Mohammed Abbas from Lebanon, won the first prize in the contest “AXE Apollo Space Academy” which was launched to select 22 winners to participate in the scientific camp and a trip to outer space in cooperation with NASA.
President Michel Suleiman honoring the Palestinian Dr. Iqbal Al-Assaad, the youngest doctor in the world, which graduated from the School of Medicine at the age of 20. Assaad descend from the Palestinian city of Safed, resorted with her family to Lebanon in 1948, and specifically to the Bekaa region, and she is now preparing to leave to the United States to complete her study and specialize in pediatrics.
The parents of the Lebanese hostages in AZAZ¬†besiege¬†the staff of the Turkish Cultural Center in Beirut along with the director of the center and they were prevented from leaving after smashing the center logos and signs and trying to break it’s door. (Ibrahim el Tawil / Annahar)
Deadly clashes raged in Tripoli between supporters and opponents of Syrian President Bashar Assad, as residents brace for further escalation of the violence that has claimed at least eight lives since hostilities erupted over the weekend. (Reuters)
A group of¬†Lebanese¬†and¬†Syrian¬†youth protested in a sit-in in Martyrs’ Square to protest the support of “Hezbollah” for the Syrian regime and fighting in Kusayr-Syria. (George Farah / Almustaqbal)

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