In this week’s POW, we could notice that there is less painful photos from last week’s Lebanese POW.

A big Islamic pray was held in Saida after the armed clashes with the supporters of Sheikh Ahmad Al-alseer, the first lady honoring one of Lebanon oldest woman, the aftermath of the incident with MP Nadim Gemayel, along with other photos covering events and news that happened this week.

Sahtein 🙂

Thousands of Lebanese held Friday prayers in Saida to stand beside the people of Saida and confirmation of the unity of the position of the Sunnis and the community and a refusal to seize the city and insulting people. This comes after armed clashes between the Lebanese army and the supporters of Cleric Ahmad Al-aseer. (Bilal Jawich / anadolu ajansi)
The first lady of Lebanon Mrs. Wafaa Sleiman honoring Anisa Rawda Najjar on behalf of the President of the Republic General Michel Sleiman, with the “komondor” medal of honor, on the occasion of reaching hundred years old, and in recognition of her struggle and bids in the defense of women’s issues and the struggle to achieve social development. (Dalati& Nohra).
Women of Abra- Saida, hug each other after their return to the “security square” of Sheikh Ahmed Al-aseer. (Reuters)
Minister Gebran Basil during a press Conference. (Dalati & Nohra)
At a time when security incidents moves from one region to another, with tanker fear into the hearts of the Lebanese of sedition ignition, Lebanese people insisted on living in Lebanon of peace, culture and music, and enjoying the international Byblos festivals which started by an amazing performance of the global artist Yanni. (stringer)
A bodyguard of Beirut MP Nadim Gemayel was taken into custody by police over the weekend after he drove toward a crowd of activists outside a police station in the Beirut neighborhood of Gemmayzeh, injuring one. Dozens of activists came to protest against a violent confrontation, which took place the day before and has elicited contradictory accounts and much indignation. (Facebook)
Security forces arrested three people Sunday for selling fish collected at a construction site where hundreds had floated to the surface dead. (stringer)
Women and little girls with long, dark locks walked into the salon – not have their hair styled, but to get it cut off. Their hair will be used for making wigs for female cancer patients in Lebanon who have lost their own as a result of being treated for the disease part of “Make the cut campaign”. (Stringer)
Miss World Next Top Model 2013, Argentinian winner Micaela López Bianchi walks on stage in an evening gown prior to winning the competition at the Casino Du Liban, north of the capital Beirut. Thirty six competitors from around the world took part. (ANWAR AMRO/AFP)
An elderly Syrian refugee from the city of Homs pauses inside of a tent she shares with family members in a camp for Syrians who have fled the fighting in their country, in Baalbek, Lebanon. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
Lebanese protesters chant slogans and hold banners in the capital Beirut against the extension of the mandate of the Lebanese parliament. (Bilal Jawich / Anadolu Agency)

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