Everytime I take a look at the final draft of International POW before publishing it, the first thing I notice is that people really dosn’t seem to have interest in good things that happens around them, but try to focus more and talk more about the bad things instead.

Paul Walker, one of the main actors in the movie series “Fast and furious” has passed away in a car crash, yet that wasn’t the only thing that happened in the world during the past week.

In other news, TIME magazine has chosen it’s top 10 photos for 2013.

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A cross on the summit of the Pizalun mountain over the village of Mastrils, Switzerland. (ARNO BALZARINI / EPA)
A cross on the summit of the Pizalun mountain over the village of Mastrils, Switzerland. (ARNO BALZARINI / EPA)
Tribesmen lead their camels through the sand dunes of the Liwa desert in the United Arab Emirates. (Karim Sahib / AFP – Getty Images)
A woman walks past snow-covered trees and a monument to Vladimir Lenin at a railway station outside Moscow. (KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV / AFP/GETTY IMAGES)
An anti-government protester gives a rose to a Thai soldier at the Defense Ministry during a rally in Bangkok Thursday. Thailand’s embattled prime minister begged protesters who have staged the most sustained street rallies in Bangkok in years to call off their demonstrations Thursday and negotiate an end to the nation’s latest crisis. (Wason Wanichakorn/AP)
Egyptian police fire water cannons to disperse a protest by secular anti-government activists in Cairo, the security forces’ first implementation of a controversial new law forbidding protests held without a permit from authorities. (MOHAMMED ASAD / AP)
Buses are parked at an inter-district bus terminal during a blockade organized by Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) activists and its Islamist allies in Dhaka. Bangladesh opposition supporters blocked roads and ripped up railway tracks after rejecting plans for a Jan. 5 election, plunging the nation into fresh political turmoil. (MUNIR UZ ZAMAN / AFP)
A woman touches a spider monkey at the Rehabilitation Center and Primate Rescue in Pe–aflor, Chile. (HECTOR RETAMAL / AFP/GETTY IMAGES)
Shi’ite fighters, fighting along forces loyal to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, take up position on the front line near the Sayyede Zinab area in Damascus. (Reuters)
Anti-government protesters are sprayed water cannon by police in Bangkok, Thailand. Suthep Thaugsuban, the leader of Thailand’s anti-government protests, said he met with Yingluck late Sunday in the presence of top military officials even though he has an arrest warrant against him. He later told cheering supporters that he told Yingluck that the only way to end the protests was for her to step down. He said his goal is to topple Yingluck by Wednesday. (Vincent Thian/AP)
Activists of a non-governmental organization display red ribbons, symbol of HIV-AIDS awareness, as they pose for photographers during an awareness campaign on World AIDS Day, in a business district of Bangalore, India. UNAIDS lists India as third worst Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) affected country with about 2.5 million infected people after South Africa with 6 million and Nigeria with 2.9 million. (Aijaz Rahi/AP)
Dubai beat off opposition from Brazil, Russia and Turkey to win the right to host the 2020 World Expo. (AFP)
Mt. Etna, Europe’s tallest active volcano, spews lava during an eruption near the Sicilian town of Catania, Italy. Etna’s eruptions aren’t infrequent, the last one occurred on Nov. 23. Its last major eruption was in 1992. (Salvatore Allegra/AP)
Egyptian women supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi stand inside the defendants’ cage in a courtroom in Alexandria, Egypt. An Egyptian court has handed down heavy sentences of 11 years in prison to 21 female supporters of the ousted Islamist president, many of them juveniles, for holding a protest. (Amira Mortada, El Shorouk Newspaper/AP)

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