Turkey here, Turkey there, it’s Turkish news every where.. heheh remember that old song by MR. president ? the Coco Jambo song?

Well, yes! Indeed the Turkish protests and clashes with the police are sending out a huge number of photos through the web, therefore you will notice in this week’s POW four photos from turkey.

And beside turkey, we have chosen a group of photos from around the world most of them are protests (is it a new virus spreading? why not!), along with the tragic story of the little girl in china, and some funny/weird photos as well.

Yalla have fun watching the photos.

Ayyayaya coco jambo ayyayai heeheh

Berga, Spain — Revelers gather around a street show during the first day of the La Patum Festival, which has its roots in the theatrical performances of the Middle Ages. (DAVID RAMOS / GETTY IMAGES )
Demonstrators flee from a water cannon during clashes with riot police in a protest against the demolition of Taksim Gezi Park, in Taksim Square in Istanbul. (AFP / GETTY IMAGES)
Riot police use pepper gas to disperse demonstrators protesting the cutting down of trees in the center of Taksim Square. (AP)
A man wore a makeshift gas-mask hours before riot police used tear gas and pressurized water to quash a peaceful demonstration by hundreds of people staging a sit-in protest against the demolition of trees at a park in Istanbul. (AP)
This photo circulated several news website, with two main caption, “Journalists wearing gas masks sit in a coffee shop uploading their content to the world”, and the second caption “Hacker working beside taksim square spreading the word of #occupygezi”. (twitter/facebook)
Jakarta, Indonesia — A man smokes a cigarette while participating in a protest by a pro-tobacco group to denounce World No Tobacco Day. (ROMEO GACAD / AFP/GETTY IMAGES )
Pope Francis waves to the faithful as he arrives for his weekly general audience in St. Peter’s Square. (ANDREW MEDICHINI / AP)
Barcelona — Firefighters burn a mock coffin bearing the words “RIP Public Services” during a protest against austerity measures in front of the Catalunya Parliament. The European Union moved away from its focus on tough austerity Wednesday when it gave France, Spain and four other member states more time to bring their budget deficits under control. (PACO SERINELLI / AP)
While the nation’s MPs adjust the constitution to extend the House of Representatives, dozens of Lebanese gathered in Beirut to express their opposition to this constitutional violation. They expressed that with a funeral of the Lebanese political system in coffins and threw the deputies’ passing cars with tomatoes, asking them to leave the Legislative Council after the end of their term of office. ( Habib Battah / beirutreport.com)
A Bahraini girl is carried by her mother during the May 28 funeral of 26-year-old Sayed Omran Sayed Hameed, who died after developing respiratory complications that his relatives claim were due to the inhalation of poisonous tear gas that riot police used during a protest earlier in the month. (Mohammed Al-Shaikh / AFP – Getty Images)
People hang onto an entrance of a commuter train which will transport them to Jakarta, in Depok, Indonesia’s West Java province. (Crack Palinggi / REUTERS)
Competitors run and tumble down Coopers Hill in pursuit of a fake foam round Double Gloucester cheese during the annual cheese rolling and wake near the village of Brockworth near Gloucester in western England. (Carl Court—AFP/Getty Images)
The sleeping infant, who had been rescued from the sewer pipe in a residential building, is seen at a hospital in Jinhua, Zhejiang province, east China. (Zhong Cheng Jh / Imaginechina)

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