International POW 25June – 1July 2013

Like every Monday, I try bring the best and most amazing photography from around the world.

Fist, we cannot ignore the two protest that happened yesterday in Egypt the #30june protest against the Egyptian president and its regime, and the “tajarad” protest supporting the regime.

And like every week, several protest are happening from around the world, and thanks to amazing photographers out there, I am able to share those photos with you, to have a feeling of what is happening around you.

Some people when I bump in to them, tell me small suggestions, or photos to add, so if you want also to share something with me, I’m all ears 🙂

and before I leave you with the photos, just want to tell you that POW is now one month old 🙂

Fireworks in Tahrir Square, Egypt as an opponent of president Mohammed Morsi waves the Egyptian flag, a picture that is becoming a classic. (AMR NABIL/AP)

Fireworks in Tahrir Square, Egypt as an opponent of president Mohammed Morsi waves the Egyptian flag, a picture that is becoming a classic. (AMR NABIL/AP)

Supporters of Egypt’s Islamist President Mohammed Morsi fill a public square outside the Rabia el-Adawiya Mosque in Cairo, not far from the presidential palace, during a rally in Cairo. (AP)

A student in Santiago, Chile, is hit by a jet of water sprayed by riot police during a protest demanding changes in the public education system. Chilean students have been protesting against what they say is rampant profiteering in the school system. (Carlos Vera / Reuters)

People take part in a group yoga practice on a summer – morning of  summer solstice in New York’s Times Square. The “Solstice in Times Square” event brought out thousands of participants to celebrate the year’s longest day. (Lucas Jackson / Reuters)

People throw flour over each other in Kiev, Ukraine. About a hundred young Ukrainians gathered on a beach of the Dnieper River for the annual event. (Sergei Chuzavkov / AP)

Legislators from Taiwan’s ruling Kuomintang party and opposition try to seize the parliament’s podium. Fighting broke out in Taiwan’s parliament as legislators scuffled and threw coffee during a debate on whether a controversial capital gains tax on share trading should be revised less than a year after it was brought in. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Shiite Muslim worshippers gather outside Imam Hussein shrine during the annual festival of Shabaniyah, which marks the anniversary of the birth of the ninth-century Shiite leader known as the Hidden Imam, in Karbala, 50 miles (80 kilometers) south of Baghdad, Iraq. (Hadi Mizban/AP)

Young models present creations by Il Gufo during the Pitti Immagine Bimbo 77 fashion fair in Florence, Italy. (MAURIZIO DEGL’INNOCENTI / EPA)

Kosovo police splashed with paint clash with demonstrators during a protest against the ratification of an agreement with Serbia in front of parliament. (ARMEND NIMANI / AFP)

Injured rebel fighters hide from sniper fire as they wait to be evacuated by their comrades during clashes with pro-government forces. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the death toll from the war has now reached 100,191. (ABO AL-NUR SADK / AFP)

Indian social workers help Bijlee, a 54-year-old Asian female elephant, after she collapsed and was unable to stand on her own. Bijlee, who has been forced by her owners to help them beg on the streets of India for years, is currently being attended by veterinary staff from India’s largest animal rescue and conservation organization, Wildlife SOS. (RAJANISH KAKADE / AP)

A pile of seized narcotics is set on fire during a ceremony commemorating International Anti-Drug Day in Iran. (EBRAHIM NOROOZI / AP)

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