You are probably wondering why this post has been published outside the regular Monday – Wednesday Posts.

Well to be franc, this is a new section, a section that will be kind of Anti-Pow, inside POW itself.

During the image search I do to bring the finest photos of the week, I encounter some very amazing photos, nevertheless most of these images are not true, not real, or maybe not related to the scene itself.

“That Ain’t right” will be a new section not connected to any day of the week, but will definitely won’t be on Monday or Wednesday.

Now, Back to business!!

With Turkey’s protests going on, an image attracted me, and so did many people, some of my friends on Facebook even used it as cover photo, well it is really an amazing photo!

A police man with an armor chasing a little kid holding a small turkish flag … just perfect combination… but wait!

When looking closely to the photo, you will notice some little things that will pull your attention.

  1. Notice the first 2 yellow lines, it shows you the way that the reflection of the bodies are shown, here they are not the same between the body of the kid and the policeman.
  2. Notice the feet of the kid, in photography there is something called shutter-speed, a magic tool that could make any movement look like a still image, or let it have movement, what I’m aiming here is as follows, the feet of the kid looks clear almost not sense of action, but looking at the feet of the policeman, you will see that his feet have kind of movement, and a bit blurry.
  3. Inside the last circle, you will see something a bit odd, there is something about the colors there, like if something is blocking something, or to be clearer, covered with something.

From these points above, we could clearly say that this image has been modified in a hard way.

Ahh wait, there is more.

searching through the internet to know more about the source of the image,

I was directly taken to  “Belarus demonstration”,

It turns out that the original image was the following:

YES!! another picture, man to man chase, no kids involved.

and the picture had this caption underneath it :

A riot policeman chases an opposition protester during a rally denouncing the results of presidential elections in central Minsk December 19, 2010. Police in Belarus beat demonstrators with batons and rounded up opposition leaders in a violent crackdown after an election on Sunday that was certain to return President Alexander Lukashenko for a fourth term. REUTERS/Gleb Garanich

So guys and girls, THAT AIN’T RIGHT!

have you seen any more clues that the photo is not true? share your thought with us in the comment section below 🙂



  • Robin Huudi, June 9, 2013 @ 9:53 am

    The lower one is faked. Can tell from the colours and also the lines of the picture. Be careful on the internet.

  • Ghazayel, June 9, 2013 @ 9:57 am

    the lower one is fake also?
    well after taking another look now.. yeah there is something with the jacket’s color..
    but have you found the original one?

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