That ain’t right: snow over Egypt’s pyramids!

WOOW, for the first time in 112 years, snow/hail has fallen across Egypt.

This news as unbelievable as it might sounds, is totally true. Hundreds of photos were shared over all social media platforms to share the love of having snow in what is known as desert land, which according to The Weather Channel, “given its desert climate, precipitation of any kind is a rarity in Cairo. The city averages less than an inch of rain each year.”

One photo, used as evidence on the hail falling in Egypt was heavily shared, a photo showing, what is supposed to be, hail all over the pyramids in Giza.

snow pyramid

But taking a “closer” look into the photo, what we can see clearly is the shadows of the pyramids, which can only mean that there is a clear sky with a very shiny sun on top of egypt, and if there is sun, the hail should melt easily!.


Trying to figure out what happened in egypt, I tried going back to the date the photo was published online.

An easy and fast search led me to know that the same picture, with bigger dimensions, was posted online almost 2 years ago, and it wasn’t a news website, but rather a blog.

More suspicious thoughts about the nature and the source of the image popped.

Digging more into the cyber world of the internet, photos visually similar was showing up, but the difference was the warm colors that started to make sense.

I came across this photo.

with a caption underneath it “I’M from Egypt .. I know that it did snow, But it was only in some areas and it doesn’t make this picture true”.

So now, there is a different story coming from egyptians themselves about the credibility of this photo, with noticing the weird purple color beside the pyramid.

So, what i did next is search more, using the latest picture i found, which led me to dig up the original photo, which I think is the best and more accurate one.

oriiginal photo

A photo of the pyramids taken at almost sunset, where there is no snow, and might date back to years ago, but definitely not in these two weeks.

Meanwhile if you want to see real photos from egypt, check this link, and this also.

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