I don’t know if i’m the only one in Lebanon who feels that there is several Lebanon in one Lebanon.

Yes different countries, cultures, situations, all in the same place and time.

to wrap thing out in this week’s Lebanese POW, the most significant news beside “electing” a new Miss Lebanon 2013, if the act of MP Bahia Hariri of returning everything she earned as a member of the lebanese parliament, along with the fear of bombs or explosions here and there.

Did I miss something?

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security taken photos of Haifa on duty. (watch the full video/Aljadeed)
security taken photos of Haifa on duty. (watch the full video/Aljadeed)
A policeman uses yellow tape to cordon off the area around Mohammad al-Amin Mosque ahead of Friday prayers in Beirut, Friday (Mahmoud Kheir/The Daily Star)
People attend the opening of JOUD boutique by the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon in Beirut. That’s right, Joud – not Jude. Even though the new gift shop is the brainchild of St. Jude Children’s Cancer Center, it was spelled differently because of the Arabic joud, which means giving generously.(Mohammad Azakir/The Daily Star)
22 couples got married in a mass wedding ceremony held at the church of Our Lady of Resurrection at Bkerke in the presence of Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Beshara Rai. (Naser Trabolsi/Annahar)
Al-Mustaqbal bloc MP Bahia Hariri “returned” on Sunday more than LL525 million to the Lebanese people, the salary that she has received since her election in 2009, “a fund that will assist in development and humanitarian work under the name ‘I love you, Lebanon 2020,’” she said. (Dalati&Nohra)
Karen Ghrawi smiles after being crowned Miss Lebanon 2013. First runner up is Jose Rita Azize Second runner up is Christina Dagher Third runner up is Dania Kobeissy Fourth runner up is Nay Riachy (ANWAR AMRO/AFP)
Asylum-seekers from Tripoli suffer the blow of Australia’s new refugee policy (Read the whole article)
Lebanese security forces take security measures outside the mosques during the Friday prayers to prevent any possible explosions in Beirut. (Ratib Al Safadi / Anadolu Ajansi)
On 1 September 2013, UNIFIL Turkish Engineering Construction Company (TURKCOY) has completed its withdrawal from UNIFIL’s Area in Lebanon, of Operation following the decision of the Turkish Government. (Ratib Al Safadi/ Anadolu ajansi /Unifil)
Closed shops in Today's Nationwide economic strike (Hussein Baydoun)
Closed shops in Today’s Nationwide economic strike (Hussein Baydoun)
A photo that circulated social media during the paranoia of bomb threat in Lebanon.
a new 5000 L.L. has entered the lebanese market. yeah it’s small 🙂 (Sarah Hammoud/facebook)

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