Int. POW 27Aug – 2Sept 2013

Sometimes it just seems as the world is really turning roles everyday,

protests are happening almost everywhere, but of course with media attention changing based on international interests of course.

Other than that, syria is still an ongoing battlefield, waiting, or not, for an american armed strike, while palestine is still bleeding day by day.

Beside that, some lineaments of hope still arise from different part of the world.

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Int. POW 20 – 26 August 2013

I think this week can be also one of the most dramatic weeks during the past year, with fire blazing inside the forest, explosions in Lebanon, Syria alleged chemical weapon. In addition to the unrest egyptian status.

Don’t get too much stressed with those photos, Go back to previous posts to check more joyful photos. 🙂

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That ain’t right: burned bodies in Tripoli

Marcel Ghanem, a lebanese TV presenter in Kalam Ennass, has shown tonight a photo of burned bodies from Cairo, claiming that it was taken in Tripoli, Lebanon after the deadly explosions which hit the city. Ghanem added :”the photo was sent to us by Dr. Ahmad El Ayoubi (our guest) and it shows how the human being can turn into a charred body in Lebanon, these photos are taken from today’s massacre, and this massacre cannot but drive us into feelings of anger, tears, and revolution, people have all the right to be indignant with us and with the politicians; and the media has to question: tomorrow where to?!”.

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Int. POW 13 – 19 August 2013

If you haven’t heard yet, today is WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY DAY, well as for me, everyday is photography day 😀 and like each week, i try to deliver you the best photos out there in a single message.

This week there is more than one photo related to the Egyptian situation, from Egypt it self and Turkey.

In addition also there is a couple of photos from the Beirut explosion that killed more 30 person.

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Hundered of Lebanese protesting against the intervention in Cairo which caused tens of dead, Beirut the Lebanese capital. (Bilal Jawich / Anadolu Ajansi)

Leb POW 8 -14 August 2013

Maybe i shouldn’t post now, maybe I should wait a bit more, maybe..mmm.. what the heck.

Despite that this post is Lebanese local one, I was sure that something will pop up somewhere related to what is happening today in Egypt.

And I was right 🙂

By the time I was finishing with collecting the photos I needed, of course with the help of the wonderful MAYA, news start reporting about a protest in front of the Egyptian embassy in Beirut.

Maybe that something that symbolize Lebanon, for every action being made outside, there is a reaction inside Lebanon.

At the end of this post, I couldn’t actually take a photo of the video, AHH YES! there is a video, and I recommend that you watch it.

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