Lebanon POW 24-30 April

In this week’s post, you will probably notice that, yes, there is 5 pictures showing the Lebanese flag, and yes, in different places of the world also, the first one taken from the Vatican, 2 photos from the protest in downtown Beirut, 1 inside the sport stadium, and another inside Beirut airport.

It was nice to see the Lebanese flag this week in places other than political rallies and burning tires scene.

What do you think about it, are we heading to a better future?

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Lebanese member of parliament Sethrida Geagea, wife of presidential candidate Samir Geagea, looks on after casting her vote to elect the new Lebanese president in the parliament building in downtown Beirut. Lebanon's parliament failed to elect a new president, with no candidate securing the two-thirds of the vote needed to win and many lawmakers leaving their ballots blank. (JOSEPH EID/AFP)

Lebanon POW 17 – 23 April

In this week’s POW, 3 photos related to the presidential election’s are being featured, in addition to two “different” element, the first which is a polish begging poster addressed to the Lebanese people, and the second this is an amazing Lebanese easter egg video, with of course this week’s best photos and stories selected only for you.

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Lebanon POW: 10-16 April

It’s funny to notice that in Lebanon, everything is almost controlled by someone/something.

It’s funny to see that clashes in Tripoli, miraculously ended.

It’s funny to hear that there is no more political tensions between different parties.

And the funniest thing, is that Lebanese people, really think, that the civil war has ended.

But the questions remains, how did it end? how did start? who lost? who won?

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Lebanon POW 3 – 9 April

It’s always amazing to see people actually standing up to claim their basic rights in life, to demand a decent life they are missing.
The more amazing thing, is seeing people really giving this matter not a 100% enthusiasm but a 1000%.

What Lebanon witnessed today with the civil defense volunteers, marching into the deep cold sea, is just what some have to do, and not just raise some voices here, and lower them there, in a situation where addiction to “morphine” can be put as an appropriate description for the Lebanese people.

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A semi-naked man standing in Riad el Soloh square in downtown Beirut, protesting along with hundreds of public sector workers parliament’s failure to vote on a long-standing bill that would increase their pay. "Am I a human? Am I lebanese? I am an ass" (Haifa Zeaiter/facebook)

Lebanon POW 27March-2April

If you want to know what is the current political and economic situation, you only have to see what has been happening in the last two days.

Protests has swept downtown Beirut, and other region, in demand of the normal basic rights that people need to have.

but with everything going through, the battle is still at its first step towards having a country that respect the people and their demands.

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