Having fun in the sun (Hasan Shaaban)

Lebanon POW: 28Aug-3Sept

From the happy moments of the returning security forces members home and reuniting with their parents, to the ongoing political battles.

Pow present to you this week’s finest photos, hand picked for your eyes to see.

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Participants perform during the "World Next Top Model 2014" pageant in the Lebanese capital Beirut. (ANWAR AMRO / AFP)

Lebanon POW: 21-27 Aug

From the international Beauty pageants, to the festive and full of action summer season in Lebanon, POW present to you, the best photos of the week.

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Models take part in the "Miss Bikini" event, part of "World Next Top Model 2014", at the Publicity beach resort in the Lebanese coastal city of Byblos. (ANWAR AMRO / AFP)

Lebanon POW: 14 – 20 Aug

There is a lot of photos inside this post which you might wish if you were there at that particular moment, but the one thing for sure, is that you shouldn’t be at the location where the last photo was taken.

It takes a strong person to be moving around that scene.

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Lebanese army soldiers carry the coffin of Lieutenant Colonel Dany Harb, who was killed during fighting between Lebanese army soldiers and Islamist militants in Arsal, during his funeral in Beirut. (Sharif Karim / REUTERS)

Lebanon POW: 7 – 13 August

The Lebanese army managed this week to put an end to the armed battles in Arsal, eastern Bekaa, but the war with those terrorists still didn’t have a closure, while some soldiers are still in captivity.

And Lebanese, despite of whatever is happening around him, he still find a way to entertain it self, with musical concert, or just by clapping hard for his political idol.

In conclusion, these are the best photos selected for you delicately, so you can enjoy seeing it one by one. 

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A Lebanese army soldier stands outside a church during the funeral service for army Capt. Danny Khairallah, killed in recent battles fighting jihadists in Ersal. (ANWAR AMRO / AFP)

Lebanon POW: 31 July – 6 August

While looking out carefully to the Israeli invasion of the GAZA strip in Palestine, a terrorist group of extremist tried to bring Lebanon down to its feet, but thankfully the lebanese army along with its soldiers dedicated to defend the country were up the challenge, sacrificing with themselves for the sake of all the lebanese.

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